Friday, February 8, 2008

LOOOOOONGS E-mail response to Co-Founder Of HashemsFilms

RE: A loooooong email‏
From: LT C (
Sent: Thu 2/07/08 2:04 AM
To: Joseph McGowen (

I am More than Up to This Challenge:)) I have wanted to Burn him for Months!!

I knew That you was under His magic B4 I met Cindy Because of the methods he used in his Videos and also I sent him countless PM's asking him why did he put this lie up and that lie up in his videos about History.

I tested him one time by sending him valuable info on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Explaining the Subliminal MSg's in the Film to encourage The west to destroy the middle east

He ignored me and i knew then that he was no muslim nor somebody that had intentions of helping people:(( I Then been looking for a way to convince people he was Evil but KNEW it wasnt gonna happen without a close Friend or family member coming fourth. I encouraged my friends to make comments on Youtube about him and it was slow at 1st but then picked up and then he suspended himself again or atleast got a partner to do so to gain more attention to himself and make himself look credible.

I been Praying For you Joe day n night to gather the strength to sever your contract with this Evil Fuck.... I see that you have mustered the strength to reclaim your spirit:))

Im no Guru or great Scholar, but I am a former Mason of the order of the Rose. I worked for Gov as a manipulator and public Spy. I too was under mind control and understand the depth of ritual magic ESPECIALLY MAGIC that deals in Blood oaths. Demons are very real and many of my former brothers was possessed and still are:(( I was possessed and know the power of their influence. I got out of the Order some years back and lived in fear of telling the truth because i feared for my families Life not my own but my daughters and Close friends. 2 years ago i said Fuck it and Came out to Confess and blow the whistle. LOVE and FEAR cant live together and Evil knows this so trys to scare you any way it can to keep you from coming fourth and to make sure your spirit stays trapped in their Evil Contracts.

Only By Stepping RIGHT AT EVIL!! Can we free ourselves from its control. Its the Only way:)) Their Spells only Work when we have some type of Fear. When they smack us and we dont smack back then they own our spirit. WE MUST NEVER TURN OUR CHEEK TO THESE EVIL FUCKS NEVER!!! They are Cowards and want people to Join them in their Cowardice. They Depend on getting dirt on you and holding it over your head so you never Snitch on their evil intent and become one of them. They Capture Beings of Light through their manipulation never by force because their the Universes biggest Cowards. They dont know what Love is and try to make our wonderful Spirits Forget what it is aswell.

So basically Since i went through these things and decided to come out I Confessed what I have done so Evil cant threaten me with it anyway:)) I can care less what you did on camera. Even if you fucked a male goat in the ass on Camera it doesnt matter because you was being manipulated by Demons and ima make this clear in your case by giving my own examples of my possession through fear and manipulation.

I dont know if miss xxx told you but I get plenty of Respect online and i have no 1 that can claim to debunk any of my videos nor can prove me wrong on the issues i speak of and i have challenged anyone to try to disprove or debunk me. I brought the truth about demon possession to people and was getting them away from the reptilian thing because that is a gov Ploy to take peoples attention off the Jesuit Demons that serve all types of Alien Demons and such which we can talk about some other time. I made the Debunkers of the reptilian slit eye thing look like fools and they still have not been able to say i faked anything:)) I shut they ass up:)) Im the most censored person that most can find online
I cant upload videos on any server from any location or isp anymore since I brought the truth about the govs plans and the technology they use to make people see things that aint there and cause so much hysteria. I now give my videos to other people and they upload them for me on different channels:)) I avg about 200-300 emails a day and have Much respect to still get the truth out:))

Thats just a bit of my resume Joe to let you know I dont fuck around with Demons. I target them and Bring them down and have had Great success, Abdullah Was the prize i been waiting for my Friend:)) You make me so proud to speak with you Brother:)) 1st Reason is Miss xxx knows your Special and Loves you alot but knows that demons had a hold on ya and wanted nothing more than for you to free yourself from their unworthy talons. 2nd YOU YOU YOU are the only one that can stab this Beast right in the Eyes and IM PROUD TO BE THE WEAPON OF CHOICE!! im packing The Sword of Truth and all I needed was For you to bring the PROOF:))

There is no catch to this Brother but we have some rules... Let me work The planning of this ordeal so that this comes out real smooth. DONT FEAR SHIT!! the court case where you LIED, is cool because i have a way to get you out of any time or penalty:)) Dont give anymore details on your blog but just tell people that you are gonna be on my radio show to tell them all the extra's in detail in our 2 hr show. Im gonna advertise your blog in my video im making now so people will build up suspense waiting for the show:)) what you said is Fine already in the blog dont worry about cleaning it and such, because people will be hearing your voice real soon. Last but not least get in contact with anyone else around town that wants to come fourth or dont know how Abdullah was using dark entities for his own personal gain. Get anyone that does know he's Evil to come to the show. Give me their Emails or numbers so I can talk to them b4 the show. IF THEY GOT BEEF WITH HIM GIVE THEM MY NUMBER and email.

You may think that this is gonna be hard brother but the only thing that is easy in Life is Failure. We schedule the show for next Friday and we burn his ass down I want EVERYONE TO CALL THE SHOW!! not just you but you shall lead the Way as the Star Guest I have 4 extra lines on the show so we can fill that up with people that know abdullah personally:)) After you do this Bro, you will be considered a Hero by all:)) you will feel like a huge weight has been Lifted From you and you shall regain the stolen pieces of your Spirit that enables these Demon Fucks to manipulate and control you. You will be reborn back into the Light in which you came:)) TRUST ME ON THAT BRO!! I went through it aswell:)) It helps make us better to deal with shit like this:)) You will be thanking Abdullah For doing what he did because you shall become 10x stronger almost overnight:))

Which im sure your already more powerful just from the intent on what your Doing:)) LOVE IS THE ULTIMATE POWER ABOVE ANY DEMON SHIT LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
I loved you b4 this I LOVE YOU NOW and you have a army standing with you brother your not alone:)) OUR CREATOR LOVES YOU DEARLY and understands your ways b4 you made what you feel may be errors and That Wonderful TRUE CREATOR just wanted you to know your errors and Correct them as you are Now:)) Nothing Shall harm you from this day on:)) WELCOME BACK TO THE LIGHT BROTHER


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