Friday, February 8, 2008

Abdullah Hashem Has Plans On Ducking


Welcome to The Truth!!! Word is... Abdullah Has Plans On Ducking and going to Kuwait to Avoid the upcoming issues America's facing and the People He Embarrassed and Backstabbed on His Way up the ladder. Only To FALL RIGHT OFF!!!!! :))

Its Up to you All out there Now to Finish this Little Twerp Off... Stand Up for Yourselves!! This World Is bad enough Without Little Pricks Like this taking Advantage of Us everywhere we Turn:(( They try to impress us with their Vast Array of So-called Random Historical Facts. Act Like They understand Us and wanna Help us to Learn, Accept are Hard earned Now Worthless Cash, ONLY TO STAB US RIGHT IN OUR NECK!!

I SAY NO MORE!!! NO MORE!! NO MORE BULLSHIT!!! Make an Example out of Abdullah Hashem. Show the So-called New World Dis- Order what you Do to their Servants....
Dont let him Leave Town. Go to your Local Police Department If he hurt you and file the Charges needed. If you have been slandered, assaulted, Defamed, Or had your Life all out Ruined Then Go File the Charges and make this PRICK face Justice.

Anybody that Was manipulated and tricked into Helping Abdullah Dont be afraid, You are Forgiven in my Eyes and I encourage ALLLLLL to feel the same:)) Abdullah is a Crafty Little Demon So We understand.... You Live and You Learn... Froget about Beating yourself up and just come Fourth with your story.

I will have a show on this topic Just to ask YOU ALL OUT THERE HOW THIS HAS AFFECTED YOU. I expect all to Come and Talk about it and Have a Heart to Heart.

Amor Mahadi Aka LOOOOOONG

LOOOOOONGS E-mail response to Co-Founder Of HashemsFilms

RE: A loooooong email‏
From: LT C (
Sent: Thu 2/07/08 2:04 AM
To: Joseph McGowen (

I am More than Up to This Challenge:)) I have wanted to Burn him for Months!!

I knew That you was under His magic B4 I met Cindy Because of the methods he used in his Videos and also I sent him countless PM's asking him why did he put this lie up and that lie up in his videos about History.

I tested him one time by sending him valuable info on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Explaining the Subliminal MSg's in the Film to encourage The west to destroy the middle east

He ignored me and i knew then that he was no muslim nor somebody that had intentions of helping people:(( I Then been looking for a way to convince people he was Evil but KNEW it wasnt gonna happen without a close Friend or family member coming fourth. I encouraged my friends to make comments on Youtube about him and it was slow at 1st but then picked up and then he suspended himself again or atleast got a partner to do so to gain more attention to himself and make himself look credible.

I been Praying For you Joe day n night to gather the strength to sever your contract with this Evil Fuck.... I see that you have mustered the strength to reclaim your spirit:))

Im no Guru or great Scholar, but I am a former Mason of the order of the Rose. I worked for Gov as a manipulator and public Spy. I too was under mind control and understand the depth of ritual magic ESPECIALLY MAGIC that deals in Blood oaths. Demons are very real and many of my former brothers was possessed and still are:(( I was possessed and know the power of their influence. I got out of the Order some years back and lived in fear of telling the truth because i feared for my families Life not my own but my daughters and Close friends. 2 years ago i said Fuck it and Came out to Confess and blow the whistle. LOVE and FEAR cant live together and Evil knows this so trys to scare you any way it can to keep you from coming fourth and to make sure your spirit stays trapped in their Evil Contracts.

Only By Stepping RIGHT AT EVIL!! Can we free ourselves from its control. Its the Only way:)) Their Spells only Work when we have some type of Fear. When they smack us and we dont smack back then they own our spirit. WE MUST NEVER TURN OUR CHEEK TO THESE EVIL FUCKS NEVER!!! They are Cowards and want people to Join them in their Cowardice. They Depend on getting dirt on you and holding it over your head so you never Snitch on their evil intent and become one of them. They Capture Beings of Light through their manipulation never by force because their the Universes biggest Cowards. They dont know what Love is and try to make our wonderful Spirits Forget what it is aswell.

So basically Since i went through these things and decided to come out I Confessed what I have done so Evil cant threaten me with it anyway:)) I can care less what you did on camera. Even if you fucked a male goat in the ass on Camera it doesnt matter because you was being manipulated by Demons and ima make this clear in your case by giving my own examples of my possession through fear and manipulation.

I dont know if miss xxx told you but I get plenty of Respect online and i have no 1 that can claim to debunk any of my videos nor can prove me wrong on the issues i speak of and i have challenged anyone to try to disprove or debunk me. I brought the truth about demon possession to people and was getting them away from the reptilian thing because that is a gov Ploy to take peoples attention off the Jesuit Demons that serve all types of Alien Demons and such which we can talk about some other time. I made the Debunkers of the reptilian slit eye thing look like fools and they still have not been able to say i faked anything:)) I shut they ass up:)) Im the most censored person that most can find online
I cant upload videos on any server from any location or isp anymore since I brought the truth about the govs plans and the technology they use to make people see things that aint there and cause so much hysteria. I now give my videos to other people and they upload them for me on different channels:)) I avg about 200-300 emails a day and have Much respect to still get the truth out:))

Thats just a bit of my resume Joe to let you know I dont fuck around with Demons. I target them and Bring them down and have had Great success, Abdullah Was the prize i been waiting for my Friend:)) You make me so proud to speak with you Brother:)) 1st Reason is Miss xxx knows your Special and Loves you alot but knows that demons had a hold on ya and wanted nothing more than for you to free yourself from their unworthy talons. 2nd YOU YOU YOU are the only one that can stab this Beast right in the Eyes and IM PROUD TO BE THE WEAPON OF CHOICE!! im packing The Sword of Truth and all I needed was For you to bring the PROOF:))

There is no catch to this Brother but we have some rules... Let me work The planning of this ordeal so that this comes out real smooth. DONT FEAR SHIT!! the court case where you LIED, is cool because i have a way to get you out of any time or penalty:)) Dont give anymore details on your blog but just tell people that you are gonna be on my radio show to tell them all the extra's in detail in our 2 hr show. Im gonna advertise your blog in my video im making now so people will build up suspense waiting for the show:)) what you said is Fine already in the blog dont worry about cleaning it and such, because people will be hearing your voice real soon. Last but not least get in contact with anyone else around town that wants to come fourth or dont know how Abdullah was using dark entities for his own personal gain. Get anyone that does know he's Evil to come to the show. Give me their Emails or numbers so I can talk to them b4 the show. IF THEY GOT BEEF WITH HIM GIVE THEM MY NUMBER and email.

You may think that this is gonna be hard brother but the only thing that is easy in Life is Failure. We schedule the show for next Friday and we burn his ass down I want EVERYONE TO CALL THE SHOW!! not just you but you shall lead the Way as the Star Guest I have 4 extra lines on the show so we can fill that up with people that know abdullah personally:)) After you do this Bro, you will be considered a Hero by all:)) you will feel like a huge weight has been Lifted From you and you shall regain the stolen pieces of your Spirit that enables these Demon Fucks to manipulate and control you. You will be reborn back into the Light in which you came:)) TRUST ME ON THAT BRO!! I went through it aswell:)) It helps make us better to deal with shit like this:)) You will be thanking Abdullah For doing what he did because you shall become 10x stronger almost overnight:))

Which im sure your already more powerful just from the intent on what your Doing:)) LOVE IS THE ULTIMATE POWER ABOVE ANY DEMON SHIT LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
I loved you b4 this I LOVE YOU NOW and you have a army standing with you brother your not alone:)) OUR CREATOR LOVES YOU DEARLY and understands your ways b4 you made what you feel may be errors and That Wonderful TRUE CREATOR just wanted you to know your errors and Correct them as you are Now:)) Nothing Shall harm you from this day on:)) WELCOME BACK TO THE LIGHT BROTHER


Confession Blog By Hashemsfilms Co-founder


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cult Wars

The next victim Abdullah Hashem had on his list was a man who called himself "Prophet Yahweh". He was the leader of a black hebrew-israelite movement who believed that he had the power to summon ufos. Please believe me when I say that I had the best intentions, as I thought Abdullah had by exposing these "Prophets". I cannot say if Abdullah Hashem had the right intentions or not, that is not for me to know, but what I can do is tell you how we went about "Exposing" them.

We flew out to Nevada again, this time to meet with Prophet Yahweh. The time, Abdullah decided to bring a friend at work as a "Security Guard" and a friend from school as a "Cinematographer" to look more legit I suppose. Again, all of us being short on money, we all had to support our own way, while we helped Abdullah create his project. We fed Prophet Yahweh lie after lie, convincing him that we were an established documentary crew and he agreed to come out to Indianapolis and film the documentary with us.

Prophet Yahweh was a good man, he was very enjoyable to be around and he was very funny. Again, I do not agree with his beliefs or his teachings, but as a human being, he was terrific and I'm not going to judge him any further than that. Before I forget this, and this was just said about six months ago, Abdullah had called me and said that Prophet Yahweh had died, in Abdullah's words, "He died while taking a shit on the toilet, the fucker deserved it." That didn't sit well with me, didn't we make this guy's life a living hell already?

Many of you have seen the videos of Prophet Yahweh declaring "spiritual warfare" on Rael and the Raelians. There are countless videos of Prophet Yahweh ranting on and on about Rael and how much he hates him. It seems like this hatred was buried so deep, but the reason it appeared that way, is because he had only felt that way for the three days we were filmming him. Something that Abdullah and I always joked around about, was a cult war. Two cults battling it out and how we would handle being right in the middle of it. Abdullah decided to find out first hand and said that we should tell Prophet Yahweh that Rael called him a "False Prophet". As elementary as it seemed at the time, we both thought it was funny and we told him. Prophet Yahweh took great offense to it, and I could see in Abdullah that had finally found his big break perhaps. Throughout the next couple days, we were constantly telling Prophet Yahweh about things "the Raelians" had said about him, and Abdullah would point the camera in his face saying, "Do you have anything you would like to say to Rael and the Raelians." That's how Prophet got so angry at Rael and the Raelians, not because of some past rivalry, not because of anything the Raelians did, because we lied again and created controversy around him.

I never thought I would come out against Abdullah this way and I want Abdullah to know that I never wanted it to be this way, but you left me with no choice. We were at a laundry mat one night, when Abdullah finally decided to show up, and they were up there talking on the balcony forever. I finally got impatient and stood behind Abdullah and Abdullah scalded me like a little kid, for not abiding by his commands of staying downstairs. Well...the next day I finally found out what they were talking about. Abdullah Hashem proposed to Prophet Yahweh that he get shot a couple times and blame it on Rael and the Raelians to create publicity for the documentary. This was something that they were seriously debating for over an hour, but get this.....When Abdullah decided it was time to turn on Prophet Yahweh, after he had all the footage he needed, Abdullah Hashem went on the XZONE and said that it was Prophet Yahweh's idea to have himself shot! I can't believe I went along with these things myself, and again, I want to apologize to all the subscribers, to Prophet Yahweh, his family and friends, the Raelians, and to everyone that was involved in this. If you did hear that interview, the things Prophet was trying to say were true, we were the ones lying, so that we could get more publicity for the documentary.

Just like the Raelian documentary, Abdullah Hashem spent hours upon hours, editing, mixing and matching, until he had the ultimate video clips to post on youtube. The Prophet Yahweh documentary was much easier, because he has so many hours of footage on him and Prophet trusted us very much and told us many things. Prophet Yahweh wasn't dangeroud, neither were the Raelians. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe, we will leave it up to God to decide who is wrong. Abdullah only wants you to believe what he believes, and he will leave it up to himself to deceive you into doing so. I can't tell you what he has been doing since November of 2007, but ever since August of 2001, it seems that he has a guide on how to manipulate people and to create his own reality, and if we continue to let him do so, I believe he will become the very thing he told me he was in 2002.

The Truth Behind The Raelian Documentary

After May of 2005, many of you read articles and watched videos on the story of Abdullah Hashem and Joe McGowen infiltrating the Raelian movement and coming away with never before seen footage to expose them. Many people were in support of what we did, praising our hard and honest efforts of exposing these frauds and standing up for truth. The simple truth of it is, we were the frauds, and always have been.

This was no dangerous infiltration, Abdullah Hashem had been emailing the Raelians for weeks, trying to gain permission as a religious studies major at IUPUI to film a school project, instead of taking a written exam. They kindly agreed and Abdullah Hashem asked me to go along with him and I sold everything that I had to get the money for a plane ticket and hotel. When we got there, the Raelians welcomed us to the seminar and told us that we could not film inside, but we could interview members. Although I do not agree with their beliefs, or their activities, they were very kind to us and most of the members were more than happy to give an interview. During the first days, we were approached and it was said that this film could not be shown to anyone until the Raelians approved it, that it could only be used for the class project and not for profit. Of course, Abdullah had other plans and he convinced me to sign the paper. He told me, "this paper says any still, audio or video taken, you're not taking it, so they can't do anything." Again, and I put this warning out to anyone who is working closely with Abdullah, he does not have your best interest in mind, he will get what he wants and will set you up to take the fall for him. Out of my ignorance at the time, I signed the paper, and the Raelians have every right to be as angry as they are. We lied straight to their face, we lied straight to your face, and innocent people got hurt because of it. Of course Abdullah doesn't care, he tried to justify it by saying, "We are like CIA agents for God, we're on the front lines and we have to do what's necessary to expose these frauds" Well, I cannot begin to tell you how God works, but it's hard for me to believe that anyone working for God would be a constant liar, manipulator, user, and a beneficiary to their ownself.

The only inside activity we got to film was the talent show, where Abdullah and I both performed comedy acts. There was no danger posed by this group, and we did not tape anything to give us the impression that they were dangerous, but that wasn't the story you heard when we got back home. One thing that I can give credit to Abdullah Hashem for, is that he is very crafty when it comes to editing videos. News started to spread of the two young men who "infiltrated" the Raelian movement, and former members sent Abdullah old footage of the group. This footage in itself was not exposing, nor was the footage we had taken, but the two of them put together was exactly what he was looking for. Abdullah began posting videos of Rael watching strippers, as if it was the show we were at, began mixing comments from interviews with other videos, and with a little dramatic music, he had the exposing footage he was looking for. One thing that I noticed while sitting next to Abdullah while he was editing, was the thought he put into the music he picked for the clips. Now that I think about it, it was the music and the way that he put the videos with it, that brought people's attention to him.

We went on several radio shows and t.v. shows, giving interviews on our dangerous infiltration. A couple shows in paticular was A Current Affair, and the Canadian radio show Strange Days Indeed. I couldn't begin to tell you some of the things that we have said about the Raelians that wasn't true, because many of the things we said never happened. Abdullah Hashem even wanted me to publicly make a statement that I was raped or molested by Rael himself, if not him, one of the top bishops. I can also go on record by saying that it wasn't the first time that he had attempted to put me in a compromising situation for his own laugh or benefit. We created hype on the internet by going into different blogs as different usernames, directing them to videos, causing arguments between ourselves to fuel the hype, and making up things to get people talking about us. I guess now that I look back on the past seven years, that's what we did. We lied and manipulated situations, to get people to talk about us. You know the funny thing is, he made over $5,000 for that A Current Affair interview, I made $250 for my interview, and he couldn't even cover my plane ticket and hotel money. When he asks you to help him, you are his partner, team, brother, all these things, but after you help him complete his project, it was your choice, something you wanted to do, in my case, I chose to come along like a vacation he said.

As I have said before, I do not support the Raelians, but I do want to apologize for what I have done, it was wrong and I know that it hurt many people. I do not expect any of you to forgive me, I find it hard to forgive myself for the things I have done in my life, but please know that I am not the one making these videos, I had nothing to do with the editing and uploading process, and all that is taking place now is being done by Abdullah Hashem without my permission. I was very lucky to ever get a camera credit or co-producer credit with Abdullah, but now that he is under pressure, he is posting these videos of me, saying that I'm the writer, director, producer, etc.....I can tell you now, that he has been the director our entire friendship, but no more.

Bottomline to all of this, for all of you who watched any Raelian videos that Abdullah Hashem has posted on his youtube channels under HashemsFilms, they were nothing but distorted lies, half-truths, and illustrious editing. We were the frauds, not the Raelians, and for all of those who looked at us as two young honest men, seeking to expose evil men and defend the truth, you should reconsider, and know that Abdullah Hashem will do everything necessary to be the head of all tables

Joseph Mcgowen Email to Amor Mahadi aka LOOOOOONG

Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 21:13:43 -0800
Subject: A loooooong email

I want to thank you for all that you are ready to do and I have come to a point in my life where I am ready to do it. I believe that Abdullah came into my life for good reason, I believe that reason has been served, and I also believe that he knew it would come to this point and he is welcoming the competition. It has always been a game to him and he is probably anxious now that I'm more up to par with him.
I know Mis XXX gave you the blogsite, but it is I just threw it together today, it was rushed and I have a 98 compaq with dial-up. That is one of the reasons why I have been hesitant to go after him, because I do not have the means to keep up with him on-line, and I can barely send emails, let alone watch videos. I will re-edit these blogs tomorrow night for spelling, I will sharpen them up a bit and make them more professional, but I wanted to get the word out there ASAP. You will see the basis of the three blogs, #1 I haven't been with Abdullah since November, but he continues to portray that I am. #2 We lied about everything concerning the Raelian documentary and he uses his editing as a tool to deceive people and uses music to attract people. #3 We lied about prophet yahweh, he again edited this documentary very deceptively, we created the war between the Raelians and Prophet Yahweh and Abdullah proposed that Prophet get shot and blame it on the Raelians. That is the summary, but you can continue to stay posted and I will tweek these blogs and begin posting new ones.
I have been best friends with Abdullah since 2001. We were like brothers and spent pretty much every day with each other. I can let people know that he wasn't a practicing Muslim from 2001-2007, in fact he was as far away from God as a person could be from 2001-2004. I can speak out on what he told me he was back then, and I can also inform people of his real name and what it adds up to using a numerical system. He said he was this and he said I was that and that we were to take over the world, and when I slowly began pulling away from that, he took a new route into this filmmaking. We forgot about all that we had done before, at least I thought we had, but the further we went along in "Exposing cults" and things, I felt that same energy coming back. I'm sure you know by now, but Abdullah has a God complex, he believes many people are inferior to him, his way is the right way, he will not hear what you have to say, but when he needs to, he will be that easy going guy that everyone likes, but there is not a person in this world that he wouldn't get over on to accomplish his tasks.
There is so much more, obviously you know spending day in and day out with someone for seven years, you tend to know quite a bit, but the funny thing is, there was always some things that I knew he was keeping from me from the beginning. He came to me, because he knew that I could help him along, he wouldn't tell me exactly who I was or what I could do, just enough so that I could do what he wanted me to. He kept me down and used many mental and emotional tactics to make me come back to him whenever I tried to get away. There were many times that I tried getting away, knowing that he was using me until he no longer needed me, knowing that there were things that he would not tell me, but when I tried to get away, things in my life became terribly bad with the family, with finances, I got depressed and in weeks, he would show up in my lowest moments with a t.v. interview offer, or a comedy gig out of state. The last time in november, he called me after two weeks and offered me a new computer with his donation money, I think he was surprised when I let off into him for about four minutes straight for saying that my mom was going to hell, I refused the computer and hung up, not talking to him since.
He knows I have changed, and I must tell you now, that he is going to release an archive of videos that he has taken of me in the past seven years. I can tell you that there will be some terrible videos of me, he will try to discredit me, make me look immoral, ignorant, evil, etc. etc., but please know that he was always the one behind the camera and he was very much the director in my life, the puppeteer. I will stand up for the choices I have made in my life, I do not regret them because they made me who I am today, but Abdullah had a great control over me and I did many things in my life because he told me to or lured me into doing.
I will begin posting blogs on things when they come to me, I'd like to hear some of your ideas about going about this. I know you may be aware, but if we do this, I mean really do this, worrying about what Abdullah says or makes a video about will be the last of our worries. There will be attacks on all different levels, and I just hope you are as strong as Miss XXX says you are. The emails from now on will not be this long, we will figure this thing out, I would like to have a solid understanding of what to do by next wednesday. If you can, please start getting this blogsite out to people. I believe it is very important that people know that I'm not with him anymore, we will go from there.
Thanks for all that you have done and all that you will do. I will put my trust in you, but you have to understand that this thing may get pretty big and it is not about us, it is about stopping Abdullah from getting any further than what he is.
I have to work tomorrow, I'll be on-line about 6 my time, I'll check my email tomorrow morning before I go to work.