Friday, February 8, 2008

Abdullah Hashem Has Plans On Ducking


Welcome to The Truth!!! Word is... Abdullah Has Plans On Ducking and going to Kuwait to Avoid the upcoming issues America's facing and the People He Embarrassed and Backstabbed on His Way up the ladder. Only To FALL RIGHT OFF!!!!! :))

Its Up to you All out there Now to Finish this Little Twerp Off... Stand Up for Yourselves!! This World Is bad enough Without Little Pricks Like this taking Advantage of Us everywhere we Turn:(( They try to impress us with their Vast Array of So-called Random Historical Facts. Act Like They understand Us and wanna Help us to Learn, Accept are Hard earned Now Worthless Cash, ONLY TO STAB US RIGHT IN OUR NECK!!

I SAY NO MORE!!! NO MORE!! NO MORE BULLSHIT!!! Make an Example out of Abdullah Hashem. Show the So-called New World Dis- Order what you Do to their Servants....
Dont let him Leave Town. Go to your Local Police Department If he hurt you and file the Charges needed. If you have been slandered, assaulted, Defamed, Or had your Life all out Ruined Then Go File the Charges and make this PRICK face Justice.

Anybody that Was manipulated and tricked into Helping Abdullah Dont be afraid, You are Forgiven in my Eyes and I encourage ALLLLLL to feel the same:)) Abdullah is a Crafty Little Demon So We understand.... You Live and You Learn... Froget about Beating yourself up and just come Fourth with your story.

I will have a show on this topic Just to ask YOU ALL OUT THERE HOW THIS HAS AFFECTED YOU. I expect all to Come and Talk about it and Have a Heart to Heart.

Amor Mahadi Aka LOOOOOONG

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